We are Ceramic Coating

The Pinnacle of Ceramic Coating across all industries. We Are Ceramic Coating!

Taking Car Care to the next level. 

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Scientifically formulated and built to last. Ultra Co is the solution for superior automotive protection.

With constant testing and continual product & brand improvement you will see why we are the trusted brand for detailers across the globe.

C7 is our landmark product boasting 10h Hardness and 7 year durability.

Paint Protection Products
Our ceramic coatings have Ultra hydro-phobic properties.

Protection against, fading, light scratching and unwanted environmental contaminates.

Not only will our products our perform and outlast the competition, they will keep your car looking as new for longer.

Also making the car easier to wash and maintain for consumers.

It all stacks up

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